Larry Lebofsky, Director, Topgrading Solutions

Liz Handlin delivers a valuable service to job-seekers unparalleled in my experience. Ultimate Resumes is far more than a resume writing service.  Liz offers the full package - career search expertise, identification of target companies, best approaches to the hidden job market, and the subtleties of etiquette and strategy that truly helps professionals reach the next career plateau. I regularly refer candidates to Liz, ranging from people with 4 or 5 years work experience to senior level executives, and am always impressed by how she makes their resumes dance and sing. Liz generously dispenses wisdom on a number of topics, drawing from her wide experience in business and recruiting. I consider her a true value added partner and would recommend her services without hesitation to any professional, recruiter, or outplacement firm.

Larry Lebofsky, Director, Topgrading Solutions, a Leading International Search Practice in the fields of Payments and Retail Technology

Audrey Grolig, Managing Director, SearchPath of NW Chicago

"Liz Handlin and Ultimate Resumes were referred to me by a client a few years ago. In one word she is AMAZING. Since then I have had many opportunities to work with Liz and to refer many of my candidates/clients to her. Without fail she has far exceeded our expectations both as a writer and a business partner/coach. She is a wonderful communicator with a great knack for pulling together information to provide her clients with a sharp, clear and polished resume that will represent their background perfectly. I would highly recommend Liz Handlin!"

Audrey Grolig, Managing Director, SearchPath of NW Chicago

Lily Stoyanovski, M&A Expert

“I’ve worked with Liz over the past several years and not only do I consider her to be the most competent resume writer in the business but also one of the most personable. Liz took the time to really understand what I did and help me highlight the accomplishments that landed me the job. Liz continues to act as a professional mentor to me and has assisted me with additional services such as company searches, interview preparation and networking opportunities. I now consider Liz to be a trusted advisor and someone I would highly recommend to other professionals looking for high quality advisement.”

Lily Stoyanovski, M&A Expert

Daniel A Romito, Vice President/Chief Information Officer

"In dealing with Ultimate Resumes, Liz's main focus was to come up with a well thought out list of my achievements. She made sure that my resume captured the attention of recruiters at top retained search firms. Working with Liz on my resume was a learning process for me especially after being employed for 28 consecutive years with the same employer. Her goal was to entice the reader into reading the rest of my resume; which she successfully accomplished. In fact, after reading my resume I would have hired myself on the spot!"

Daniel A Romito, Vice President/Chief Information Officer

Lief Madsen, Manager, Learning Resouce Center

“I highly recommend Liz and her company "Ultimate Resumes" because, after languishing in the land of partial employment for over 1 year (in this tough job market), when I engaged Ultimate Resumes to reshape my personal presentation {my resume} I was contacted several times within two months and landed a better job than I used to have! Her insight, professionalism and skill make her a fine choice for anyone needing to retool their image. I recommend her without qualification or reservation.”

Leif Madsen, LRC Manager at the Denver School of Nursing

Joseph Fusco, Vice President, Casella

“Liz produced an outstanding resume for me, and was simply great to work with throughout the entire process. She's inquisitive, thoughtful and creative -- and clearly is a top-drawer expert in the crafting of professional histories and biographies. Above all -- and this is very important -- Liz will give you honest, clear-eyed insight and advice. This was most valuable to me -- to be seen and positioned as I truly am, without my own biases getting in the way. Because of her skill and integrity, I have the best resume possible.”

Joseph Fusco, Vice President at Casella Waste Systems

Martha E. Jones, HRO Client Engagement Executive

“When I realized I couldn't stand to look at my own resume, I hired Liz Handlin to come to the rescue. Liz is a consummate writing/resume professional with an expert eye for creating an honest yet positive, effective CV that connects with both hiring managers as well as recruiters savvy to the latest tips and tricks. Liz gathered information from me that I thought had long been forgotten and motivated me to think through my background for all the applicable ares of expertise to highlight. Without her help, I'd still be staring at a blank screen rather than accepting an offer to join I firm to which I'm delighted to commit my future. Thanks, Liz, for helping me get this done and doing the work so well.”

Martha E. Jones, HRO Client Engagement Executive at Tata Consultancy Services

Robin Herring Longoria, Human Resources Professional

“Liz Handlin is a resume creation expert who stands out as the best in her field. As a senior level HR professional, I’ve reviewed and critiqued thousands of resumes. So, finding a resume writer who offered a fresh perspective was critical to me. Liz brought a unique offering to the table with her extensive recruiting and marketing background. She impressed me quickly with her knowledge of the market, her detailed questions and ability to identify those attributes that make a person unique. Liz creates resumes that capture the immediate interest of the reader and highlight the person’s contributions to high impact issues. These are the resume qualities you want in an economy that attracts hundreds of applicants to each position. Working with Liz was a great experience and I will continue to recommend her to my clients and colleagues.”

Robin Herring Longoria, Human Resources Shaw Pipeline Services, A Division of ShawCor

Jeff Schoeneberg, Senior Human Resources Leader

“Liz created my resume and helped me craft my LinkedIn profile, and I couldn't be more pleased with both the results and the process. Liz is very engaging and delves for the information that will help your talents and abilities really pop from the page. I have received compliments on her work from numerous seasoned HR/Recruiting professionals. I highly recommend her.”

Jeff Schoeneberg, IE Discovery, Inc.

Marc Papa, VP and Sr. Compliance and BSA/AML Officer

“Liz is the best. She was quick to help me bring my resume up to a higher "executive" standard, which provided me the confidence I needed to succeed in this competitive job market.”

Marc Papa, VP and Sr. Compliance and BSA/AML Officer, Inland Bank & Trust

Scott Ingram, Sales Director at Bazaarvoice, Founder of

“First and foremost I want to thank and recommend Liz for the work that she did on my bio. If you're anything like me writing your own bio just seems narcissistic and wrong! Thankfully Liz saved me from this pain and did a tremendous job in the process. I've also had the opportunity to refer a number of executives to Liz for help with their resumes. I always know that when I have the opportunity to refer Liz she's going to make me look like a hero. I've never found anybody better in this space at what she does. She's a true expert and the value she adds beyond just her resume skills are incredible. Thank you Liz!”

Scott Ingram, Sales Director at Bazaarvoice, Founder of

Brian Anderson, President, BA Search Group Executive Search Consultant

“Elizabeth Handlin is a consummate professional her ability to establish an instant rapport is a natural gift and a must have in a business environment. Liz has career coaching skills and instincts that are proven to get results. I will be utilizing ultimate-resumes for my candidates."

Brian Anderson, President, BA Search Group Executive Search Consultant

Resume Marketing Services

Resume writing services for senior professionals, executives, and Board Members in industries such as finance, accounting,technology, marketing,legal,media/PR,Human Resources,telecom,consulting,private equity/V.C. industries,etc.

Liz also partners with some of the most elite niche recruiters in the U.S. to write resumes for their high profile clients.

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Professional Consulting

Platinum Retainer Service
entitles members up to 3, 6, or 12 hours of consulting for services including resume updates, bio updates, mock interviews, graduated applications, award nominations, press releases or job/industry/career research.

Gold Subscription Service
entitles members up to 30 minutes per month of consulting for services including resume updates, bio updates, editing documents, and LinkedIn updates.

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Editorial Support & Interview Coaching

A la carte support services including:

  • Interview Coaching for Professionals/Executives, Interview Coaching for Grad/College/Entry Level...
  • Personalized Cover Letters, Personalized Thank You Notes, Award Nomination Forms...
  • College/Grad School Applications, Sorority Recruitment Applications, Grad/College/Entry Level Resumes...

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