Editorial Support and Interview Coaching

Sometimes preparing for an interview by thinking through answers to common questions or preparing for tough questions or case interviews is helpful. We are happy to help you to prepare for interviews by helping you to anticipate questions and to formulate answers in advance. We can also assist you in preparing for a case interview, such as those conducted by some of the top consulting firms. Pricing is determined up front, based on the expected amount of time that will be required to prepare you for your interview.

Interview Coaching/Mock Interviews for Professionals or Executives

Service includes industry-specific and company-specific research and interview question preparation, mock interviews, and typed Q&A provided to you so you can continue to practice and prepare for tough interviews for senior level jobs.

$150 - $300 per hour
(ask for quote)

Interview Coaching/Mock Interviews for College Students, Entry level Jobs or Clerical Jobs

If you need our help but aren’t sure you can afford this service please call or email for a quote.  We are pleased to occasionally offer reduced fee or pro-bono counseling to special students in challenging or unique circumstances.

$150 per hour

Personalized Cover letter

Fee is the same no matter how many years of experience

$200 each letter

Personalized Thank You Notes (or similar correspondence)

Fee is the same no matter how many years of experience

$50 each letter

Industry, Career, or Job Specific Research

We can research companies that could be a great fit for your skills. Tell us about your dream company and dream job and let us research it for you.

$200 per hour

Award Nomination Forms

Do you want to be nominated for 40 Under 40, Profiles in Power, or another local or national award that requires an application.  We can write it for you.

$150 per hour

Assistance with Graduate School or College Applications

Let us help you to craft a compelling story rather than a series of disjointed answers to questions.  We have experience coaching and editing applicants to some of the nations most exclusive colleges and graduate schools.

$150 per hour

Sorority Recruitment Applications

Need help preparing for sorority recruitment (formerly known as rush)? Let us help you create an application packet that will get you noticed by the best houses on campus.

$150 per hour

College Student/Entry Level Resume

This assumes that you are a full time college student without significant work experience.

$200 - $450 per resume

Graduate Student/Entry Level Resume

This assumes that you are a full time graduate student without significant work experience. If you worked for 2 or more years before returning to graduate school pricing for your resume is $250.

$200 - $550 per resume

Thank You Notes & Sympathy Notes (e-Book)

Includes thank you notes and sympathy notes that cover a variety of topics and situations including:

  • Thank You to an Employee
  • Thank You for a Personal Gift
  • Thank You for a Kindness
  • Thank You/Apology for Doing Something Embarassing
  • Sympathy to a Co-Worker
  • Sympathy Note to a Friend

Liz Handlin's e-book sells for $9.95. Learn more here.

Resume Marketing Services

Resume writing services for senior professionals, executives, and Board Members in industries such as finance, accounting,technology, marketing,legal,media/PR,Human Resources,telecom,consulting,private equity/V.C. industries,etc.

Liz also partners with some of the most elite niche recruiters in the U.S. to write resumes for their high profile clients.

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Professional Consulting

Platinum Retainer Service
entitles members up to 3, 6, or 12 hours of consulting for services including resume updates, bio updates, mock interviews, graduated applications, award nominations, press releases or job/industry/career research.

Gold Subscription Service
entitles members up to 30 minutes per month of consulting for services including resume updates, bio updates, editing documents, and LinkedIn updates.

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Editorial Support & Interview Coaching

A la carte support services including:

  • Interview Coaching for Professionals/Executives, Interview Coaching for Grad/College/Entry Level...
  • Personalized Cover Letters, Personalized Thank You Notes, Award Nomination Forms...
  • College/Grad School Applications, Sorority Recruitment Applications, Grad/College/Entry Level Resumes...

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