5 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand out & Land that Elusive Job

Competition in the job market is irrefutably tough. Today, more and more applicants compete for a single job post. Not only do these hopefuls struggle against thousands of other applicants. They also battle for immediate attention and recognition from their future employers.

Sadly as companies are often overwhelmed with a bulk of resumes, they rarely get a chance to evaluate each applicant’s experience, educational background, and qualifications. Generally, employers screen each resume for only 15 seconds.

Value of Resume

Your resume is the first thing that your prospective employer sees in you. Of course, if done right, it can be a perfect tool to get an interview and eventually, to win a job.

Hence, you have to impress your readers of your capabilities via your resume to instantly catch their attention. You have to do this faultlessly; otherwise, it can hurt your chances of getting a deal.

A Resume Guide

So how do you go about it? Well, these resume tips are great ways to not blow your chances of landing multiple interviews and job offers:

1. Don’t Brag about Yourself

Making up something impressive would probably get your best foot forward. But to over accentuate your qualifications, even to the point of fabricating information, can fail you as a candidate.

2. Do Remember to Proofread

Submit an application document that contains typos and grammatical goofs, and surely, you’ll ruin your chances of securing an interview. It will not only show your incompetence; it will also indicate your lack of professionalism and attention to details.

3. Don’t Forget to Reference Keywords

Most companies nowadays are using electronic databases and applicant tracking system to determine the right candidates to call for interviews. Therefore, sending a resume that does not contain the right keywords can certainly separate you from the competition.

4. Do Show Your Capabilities

Writing about your relevant skills and accomplishments on your resume can help boost your chances of getting hired. This will help you compete with other applicants and to show the employer your suitability to the available post.

5. Don’t Include All Information

Not everything about you should be on your resume. So, don’t include unnecessary details, such as hobbies or irrelevant awards, as these things will not help you. Go only for relevant information and related experiences.

If you’re looking for an edge to stand out from your competition, then you must consider the above-mentioned resume writing guide when drafting your application document.