Terrible Errors Your Should Avoid on Your Resume

Are you going to write your resume for the first time? Or is it just today that you’re going to rewrite one after a long hiatus? Maybe you’re having a hard time figuring out what information to include and what details to avoid, right?

Well, maybe it is better that you know the importance of having an impressive content.You should make sure that your resume has correct grammar, correct spelling, proper choice and usage of words, and powerful keywords.

Yes, you may have unintentionally committed mistakes in drafting your pre-employment documents. But isn’t it embarrassing if your hiring manager sees it and translates it as either ignorance or incompetence? While you may not be aware of the possible blunders that can ruin your career goal, it’s beneficial to be particular with these errors that could distract and annoy hiring managers.It is important that you pay attention to every detail and discover what’s wrong with your application.

Ditch These Mistakes!

Technical aspect of a resume contributes a fair share to whatever outcome your application may get.As a job seeker, you should know these frequently committed mistakes for you to avoid them in the future.

Here are some of them:

– Grammar Mistakes

Yes, nobody is perfect but you can manage to present a flawless document especially if you are able to avoid using words or group of words that are not clear to you.Common errors usually involve applicant’s confusions between two or more different things, including: which and that, may and might, fewer and less, since and because, bring and take, affect and effect, and a lot more.

– Poor Choice and Improper Usage of Words

Your personal summary represents you as an individual and as a professional. Thus, it must contain details that reflect your personality. This is possible by using “real” descriptions and industry-relevant information.

If you’re an IT professional applying for an IT-related post, it wouldn’t be a good idea to write down words like surgical, sales strategies, financing, and other irrelevant ones on your resume. Besides failing to establish a good introduction about yourself, these descriptions may also misdirect your readers of your true profession. Take advantage of powerful keywords that are industry-specific.

– Weak Verbs

This is one of the most common blunders that are often ignored and that should be ditched right away. You should always remember that there is a stiff competition in the labor market and an applicant like you should be aggressive by using powerful verbs on your application.You may use the present and past tenses of the following verbs in their base form: accomplish, supervise, recognize, execute, initiate, honor, produce, formulate, excel, achieve, lead, design, develop, master, mastermind, maximize, re-engineer, pioneer, intensify, mentor, spearhead, influence, encourage, estimate, obtain, conceptualize, and strengthen.

– Overused Words

Undeniably, there are instances that a certain word is unconsciously repeated twice or even more times in just one document. Regardless of how beautiful this word sounds to your ears, try to make use of its synonyms.

– Typos and Misspellings

More often than not, hiring managers raise their eyebrows whenever they encounter misspelled words, even if these are just typographical errors.For them, this proves only two things. It’s either you are illiterate or you’re not serious about your job search.